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Friday, December 10, 2010

Risks Married Without Love

Not a few household starts without love, but ultimately a bit happy and do not they start with love but ended tempest

Finding the meaning of love that best suits you do need some time. Have not been found, age and environment increasingly urgent to think of a wedding. Yes, marriage! The moment to decide who you will bring together the purpose of life and spent all live together.

From this moment, everyone has different thoughts. There are thought to find him the most suitable for the purpose of life, be it prestige, kindness, wealth or status. Although without love. For them, love will grow by itself from a pleasant life. There is another who thinks that whatever the circumstances, with love would all be able to pass well.

We can not judge right and wrong of these two opinions, it all depends on conformity with the view of life and personal any person living it. If so, what about raw opinion 'marry the person you love'? Why is it still retained the opinion of many people in marriage advice? Because the risk of marriage without love life is scary, Ladies! Like the following.

True Love Comes
Everyone is blessed with a sense of love that can come at anytime and to anyone. Unfortunately, he did not care you're married or not. Many women admit they find someone who is so closely at heart and feel that their true love, even after marriage. And think it can beat the love that they wake up with a couple who gave pride of life. If you have this, then the options are buried deep love or a fight for love at the expense of whatever it is.
Children felt uneasy
Maybe this is rarely recognized by the parents. A child feel calm if they see both parents love each other and can direct their thoughts and energies to many positive things in her life. While a child with a cold pair will tend to be cool kids too and always feel anxious in case she would be left father or mother. Although it is chatting, watching television together, a child may feel their parents love each other or not.
Life is bland
Without love, life will go on as usual routine. Serving husband, preparing food, buying needs, even when having sex will not have anyone with a job if you do not feel the love in it. All my life like that, who's going? No matter if you and your partner can finally fell in love from the daily routine, but if not, domestic life will be torture alone.
Vulnerable quarrel 
Two different figures are to understand each other just because it is based in love. Without it, all problems can be a trigger problem. You did not think to understand the spirit of her husband in working for the family when he must often out of town. Husband would not have thought that the breakfast that you prepared each morning and your faithfulness to open the door when she came home was a form of affection. Although ultimately keep your household together, but not a comfortable place to live.
Not happy
Surely this is the most fundamental risk. You must understand that the happiness of love and happiness because the material feels different. Everyone basically need to feel happy, and it is this which causes even already have everything a person will keep looking for someone who can make them in love. Neither you nor my husband will always be suspicious if there's someone out there that will make your status as a widow or widower husband became status. Certainly not a happy life.

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