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Thursday, December 9, 2010

8 Meaning of Nightmares

There are a variety of dreams that come. Each person can have a flower bed that is different, depending on the experience at hand. No one can understand very well what the meaning of dreams. However, Michael Vigo, author of the site a dream analyst, try to interpret some of the most common nightmares often complained.

According to him, the nightmare is a way of the subconscious mind to attract your attention and tell him that you are in a situation that you try to avoid and obviously distressing you. Pay attention and face the issue, he suggested. Here are some of the most common bad dreams and their meanings:

Shot gun 
This means you are feeling depressed in real life. You feel as a victim in some situations.

Tooth loss

This is the most common dream. Gigi is one part of the body that reflects the nature of one's interesting. Therefore, it is rooted in a denial or fear, or the consequences of the addition of age. Dream researchers found that women who experience menopause reported having teeth dream date. This is an indication that the dream is related to tooth loss is often associated with the addition of age and / feeling unattractive and less feminine.

If you dream of being located in a trap, then this implies that you feel trapped and not free to spend your opinion, be it at work, in health, or in personal relationships. You may be in a routine and tired with the monotony of everyday life.


You will feel emotionally exhausted. Problems that could be pressed back and haunt you. You can be too quick in trying to figure out the contents of your deepest thoughts. You should act more cautious and slow. If in a dream, you drown to death, then this means a rebirth. If you made it out of the pool or ocean drown you, then it indicates a success out of a tense situation you in real life.

Your Death

Although the dream of this kind brings fear and anxiety, this is not something to be feared, because often this is a positive symbol. Dreaming of your death usually means that there are major changes that await you. In the negative side, dreaming of your death can be explained involvement in a relationship is painful or unhealthy, and destructive treatment.

Being chased
This indicates that you are avoiding a situation that you can not conquer. This is a form of insecurity. In particular, to dream that you are being chased by an animal you're describing that refrain from anger or self-expression that you do not realize, which is then represented by an animal before. Or, it could also mean that you're running away from a profound fear.

Driving a car that can not be controlled 

This is an early warning that you are lack of stability over your life. Lose control of your life and you need a significant change. If your dream is driving a car that can not be controlled it, this means that you need to take control of your life. You may not feel like taking responsibility for actions you perform.


To envision the end of the world tells us that you are in a high stress level. You could be are feeling fragile and vulnerable in a situation.

Can not breathe 

Dreaming that you could not breathe say that your body is feeling extremely tired. Those who have asthma problems also often dreamed of herself out of breath.

This is not a character of certainty, but the form of estimates from observations. Have you ever had a nightmare experience extreme and finally discover what these dreams mean?

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